Where To Start Hacking? – How To Be A Hacker?


How to be a Hacker? How do I be a hacker? Where should I start hacking? How to hack?

These are a few question that everybody searches on web. People wonder about hacking because of the hollywood effect that movies made on them. Super fast writing on keyboard, fast scrolling green text screens made hacking look like magic.

Let’s come to the real life. How far can you go with a bunch of skills? What real hacking provides you? If you have questions like this then you should watch Mr. Robot TV Show.

The great thing about this TV Show that itĀ provides the reality of hacking.

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So now, you should probably understand the main concept of hacking. It’s all about making skills and using various strategies.

Before all the technical stuff let’s learn what a “hacker” means:

“A person who has a huge knowledge and skills about computers”

As you can understand learning is very important and the main question, Where should you start to be a hacker?

Actually, this is a too general question but since you are a beginner you gotta start from somewhere, remember that I said making skills.

Watch the Vlog video I made about “Where To Start Hacking?”

Paid Sources for learning:

Step by Step Book Suggestions for starting hacking
1)Start-up for Linux World: http://amzn.to/2abvi3H
2)Command Line & Scripting: http://amzn.to/2akuQzg
3)Python Programming: http://amzn.to/2anc9MS
4)Human Hacking(Social Engineering): http://amzn.to/2arpuEY

After you gain first 4 step’s knowledge you can learn to turn that knowledge into hacking with this books:
5)Hacking: http://amzn.to/2akwlgV
6)Malicious Commands for Linux: http://amzn.to/2aakxvy

How a hacker thinks? Learn this by world’s most wanted hacker’s book:
7) Ghost In The Wires: http://amzn.to/2aoefxF

Be patient, work with the books, take notes, write down to learn faster, try what you see on the books while you are reading them.
Trust me it will worth your time and effort šŸ˜‰

Free Sources for learning:

After the video you will probably have some idea on your mind about what you are going to do.


ImportantĀ thing that you should do isĀ using an open source operating system, linux.Ā I suggest you to download and install Ubuntu which is a great linux distribution to understand linux basics.

Download Ubuntu Here

You can find some tutorials on web, shows how to install it or run it virtually on virtual machines.

So you got your linux ready, now you can learn some command line commands, press ctrl + alt + tĀ to open terminal. You can learn some commands on: linuxcommand.org

Learning a programming language should be one of theĀ skills you should gain.

Thinking about this brings great questions,Ā Which programming language should you learn?

Python, because it is easy and useful. A great start point for anyone that wants be a hacker. How can you learn Python? Just search on the web. Internet is a huge database to learn anything you want.

Here is a simple Python code:
print "this code prints text"
Simple right? Yeah.

You can go to python.org


It is great to get familiar with command line because a lot of hacking tools are running on command line.

Learning Python at the same time will boost your creativity. You can write Python codes on Command Line and run them there immediately.

This was a first step for becoming a hacker, time will show you what to learn and I recommend you to never try to see the things on the second floor without using the stairs first šŸ˜‰



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