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Turn Your USB Into A USB Password Stealer


What if I told you that Chrome, wireless passwords and some of the other passwords are stored on your computer?

Yeah and It is possible to capture them from where they are hiding with a bunch of programs.

Download Programs Here:

Note: This will only recover the passwords stored on that computer !

Instructions :

  1. Extract the
  2. Copy all files to your USB (May Antivirus say virus to the .exes ignore them)
  3. Plug out and Plug in to another computer (Victim’s Computer)
  4. Wait at least 20 seconds and plug out the usb
  5. Plug it into your computer and now you will see .txt files inside it

Video Instructions :


  • Example :
  • WirelessKeyView.txt will show you the wireless names and passwords stored on that computer.
  • ChromePassView.txt will show you the Username and Password logins stored on the chrome browser.
    and others…


    -Antivirus detects it.
    -Autorun is disabled on that computer .

If this doesn’t work automatically open USB on the computer and run launch.bat yourself.

How does this work ?
When you plug in the usb, autorun.inf file starts and it launches launch.bat file which will open all the exe files and convert program outputs to the text files (It will create them automatically)

Have Fun !



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