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Instagram Jacking Method


Hey guys, in case you may be wondering, yes this is an instagram jacking method. What is an instagram jacking method? Well let’s start with “jack” anything that starts with jack deliberately means that you’re going to either fully social engineer your way through an email or whatever. This is basically slang that is overused mostly by social engineers. There’s about 4-5 jacking methods for Instagram, the ones I’m talking about are the ones that are being used even to this day and work perfectly just fine.

  1. My instagram jacking method
  2. Follow me at : or email me at [email protected] (only serious stuff)
  3. This is extremely easy and it requires very basic knowledge of social engineering.
  4. With this, I’ve jacked verified instagrams like and what not.
  5. Step 1: go on google and search “”10 posts” “verified”” Or if you would like search for a small NFL team’s roster and then look through their instagrams. Now what you’re looking for is an inactive account which the owner can’t easily retrieve. Some verified accounts are on deleted aol emails however, that’s not the case. Anyway! Let’s get into the process.
  6. Most of the time those people use the same password for a lot of their social media accounts.
  7. What you need to do is simply find their email, either jack it or social engineer it as much as you can until you can find more information on the person you’re haunting. Leakedsource and other websites are very useful for this. Now, once you have their information basic ones like (Full name) and what not you can scavenge for even more information like their exact address and what not, if you do find that depending on the email they’re using if it’s a yahoo, you can simply jack their email by calling up Yahoo and pretending you’re the person, how ever this won’t work most of the time but! Simcard swapping is another way to get around this, AT&T you can easily get the simcard, I don’t know about other phone providers but to AT&T you can pretend to be an employ, store address if asked : 14270 Buck Hill Rd Name of employ: David Melson. Social security number : 157-44-4569 (if asked, don’t abuse it) Tell them you have the customer at the store requesting for a simcard change and what not, do not stutter or act nervous. Their simcard is your way around 2-step verification, you can easily bypass their 2-step if you have their sim, you can access their messages, contacts, have full control of their emails, and everything that they have connected to their number.
  8. Another very easy peasy jacking method.
  9. Contact instagram as a fake college graduate who has a very small business, make emails with yor “business’s name” for example “RedGraphics” or “BlueGraphics” or whatever. Make all kinds of social medias and bot some likes, followers, subs, and what not, create your fake identity and then contact Instagram requesting the username that you want, for example message them saying
  10. “Hello, I’m a college graduate from Idaho and I’m starting my own business, I’m wondering if I could trade mark the username [insert username here] As it would make my business bigger and better, I really do believe that instagram could expand my small business in popularity. [insert the fake information here] And instagram will contact you within 2 days asking for things such as address of the college and full name, picture, picture of id ( which you can all fake) They don’t really do background checks so don’t worry. If you qualified, within 3 days they will contact you with the username transfer to your account. (Whole process takes 5 days)
  11. Jacking method 3: (Not really requested) Extorting someone into giving you their instagram, for example my friend extorted a girl called Felicia out of her account. this method is extremely easy and it’s not really requested but.. I’ll tell you anyway. Simply reverse search the persons email, reverse search the person’s image on tinyeye, get as much info as possible. Find family members and what not. Threaten to swat them, and make it seem as ugly as possible. Though this doesn’t work most of the time but it does work.
  12. More to come soon. Thanks to Codeinstein for letting me post this. Peace out.