Hacking Techniques Used On Mr. Robot TV Series – Mr Robot Hacking


Have you ever wonder the hacking techniques or methods used on Mr. Robot TV Series?

If yes, then here is a video by me explaining the main concept of that hacking scenes and Mr Robot Hacking

(Sorry for my sleepy voice, I recorded this on 4 am!)

Hollywood brainwashed us about hacking so most of the people thinks hacking is magic. Mr. Robot shows us how dangerous the real life hacking methods can be if it is mastered enough.

Elliot is very skilled at Linux systems.
Not only computers, he is also hacking humans, which means social engineering.

Social engineering is a kind of psychology techniques to make someone believe on something or make someone do whatever you want without making that person understand that you try to make them do something.

Video states all the techniques and maybe you will not believe me but it’s possible to have skills like that.

So let’s think about what should you to become like Elliot?
I want to say that a lot of people starts to have an interest about hacking after Mr. Robot. That is normal because hacking looks super cool right?

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