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Code Crew is a hacking society created by Codeinstein. Crew members are people with various skills on the hacking field. Members publish articles on codeinstein.com and we sometimes get together through Skype and do live CTF videos on Codeinstein YouTube channel.



A self-taught computer guy, teacher of hack. Freelance Infosec worker, IT. Also a well-known Public speaker, but currently hiding the connection between his real identity and Codeinstein. Loves to create and teach new stuff. As a content creator, Codeinstein is currently focused on making better videos and spreading his hacking community.

Troy Sweeney profile picture.

Troy Sweeney

Linux kernel contributor, C/Java programmer. Spends most of his time helping others stay up to current with technology, security, and end to end encryption. He has been working with Codeinstein before he started his YouTube channel.

Instagram: @troysweeney_


Instagram: @daemon.1530

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